Boats in Beaufort sail to safer waters ahead of Dorian


The Washington Waterfront Docks say it’s time to sail on for the moment unit the storm passes.

The docks hold over 30 boats a day in what is called “slips”. Waterfront leaders say Wednesday is the best day to get your boat situated before Dorian, and the dock’s Boat Master says removing the boats lowered the chances of there being major damage to other boats and the city’s property.

“Two reasons being that you can have your boat beat up against the pilings and do significant damage or sink your boat secondly in a severe enough storm the boat can also damage the docks,” said Rick Brace, Boat Master for Washington Waterfront Docks.

The dock is expected to be completely cleared out soon. 9 On Your Side is told that people have been cooperative with storm preparations.

Some Washington locals tell us what they are concerned most about is the chance of storm surge from Dorian.

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