AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) – Minges Bottling Group, a local Pepsi franchise in Ayden, is celebrating a lot this year.

On Tuesday, the business broke ground on a new 223,375-square-foot facility and is celebrating its 100 years in business.

“For our entire family and our employees, it’s an extremely special day,” said Landon Minges, the vice president of operations for Minges Bottling Group. “If one thing, this day solidifies us in this community and lets people know we are here for the long term.”

The new facility will be across from their current one on Pepsi Way in Ayden. Construction is already underway.

“The room and space we’ll have in here will allow us to better optimize the capabilities inside to move our products through faster and get them on the loading docks quicker,” said Jeff Minges, president and CEO of Minges.

The expansion was needed after they gained more distribution rights from their parent company, Pepsi.

“We’ve been given the DSD system, the driver, sales and delivery, so that’s enhancing our volume and the strength of our product line by providing Gatorade to large-scale customers as we already do for our smaller customers,” Jeff Minges said. “It’s one reason we’re having to get out of this building because we’re picking up somewhere around 600 to 700-thousand cases once we get full throttle.”

They’ll also be adding jobs and economic opportunities for the town of Ayden and Pitt County.

“It will allow enhanced economic development, which provides jobs and income for our citizens and communities,” said Ayden Mayor Stephen Tripp.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson also joined in on the celebration.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to see the growth of a family-owned business right here in this community,” Robinson said. “I think it speaks volumes of Ayden. I think it speaks volumes about North Carolina.”

Minges Bottling Group has been in the family for four generations. They said it’s the people around them that make this company a special place.

“There’s only three percent of family businesses who make it into the fourth generation, so that’s pretty phenomenal,” said Landon Minges.

“It’s incredible to see where we’ve come over the past 20 years and now with expansion,” said Miles Minges, the vice president of sales and marketing. “I’m so happy for our family, but also our employees and the new employees we’ll be hiring with this project.”

They hope to have the new facility built by December 2023.