GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The city of Greenville is no stranger to growth, which is why the Greenville ENC Alliance continues to promote economic and business development.

Uconda Dunn with the Greenville ENC Alliance shared not only past growth but future economic growth opportunities. She also laid out plans that include surrounding communities.

According to Dunn, Greenville’s existing companies like Thermo-Fisher are continuing to grow. She also highlighted the importance of supporting businesses and industries whether big or small, that are already here in Greenville.

“Even the smaller companies that are represented here in our community, that also creates economic impact, so we want to make sure that we not only are we focusing on those larger companies, that we focus on our smaller companies as well,” Dunn said.

She also said the city sold a shell building last year. Shell buildings are empty facilities that let companies move in and use it as they see fit. Dunn says more of those are in the making.

“The community, the ENC Alliance and Pitt County are looking at doing two separate shell buildings,” Dunn added. “One in Farmville and one in Greenville in the industrial park. We own land there, and so we plan to take some of that land to construct a shell building so that we can have 100,000 square feet of industrial space in our community to be able to show.”

As far as future plans, the ENC Alliance is continuing to attract more businesses and industries to Greenville.

“We plan to ramp up our newly generation efforts as of today and that will be a 12-month process in which we heavily engage with companies looking to grow, and site selection consultants to bring them into our community so that they can see what we have to offer,” Dunn said.