NEW BERN. N.C. (WNCT) – Craven County will be seeing an economic bump in the near future.  

Aeronautical Systems Inc. held its groundbreaking ceremony at the Craven County Industrial Park Tuesday. This is the ninth company to come to the industrial park in the past three years.  

ASI is expected to bring at least 30 new jobs to the area. 

“This is a mission that we have to try to get industries that will be supportive of our largest employer in Craven County, and today is fulfilling that mission. And we are excited to have them expand here,” said Craven County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jason Jones.  

The company makes sure the products that go into military aircraft are made to fit and function. They have already been in New Bern on a much smaller scale, but say they are excited to expand in the area, especially because of the military presence here in Eastern North Carolina. 

“We’re in a great part of the state. We’ve got a great highway infrastructure. We’ve got a great education here in our part of the world, a great relationship with Cherry Point, Camp Lejeune, and Jacksonville, and it’s a good place to do business,” said Secretary of the Craven 100 Alliance, Lee Hodge. 

Jones explained more about what this means to the county.  

“They already here in the county, but their expansion means so much to us because they are a supporter of the Department of Defense and we as a county, as governmental officials, we 100% support Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point 100% to do everything we can to support our base,” said Jones.  

ASI said they’re excited to be a part of the community.  

“We think that this is definitely a place where businesses can be successful investments can be profitable, and we’re really looking forward to continuing to grow in the community,” said Vice President of Aeronautical Systems Inc., Kathie Kent.