Online Originals: Customers, business owners, even delivery people in Pitt County upset with Door Dash service


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Jeremy Spengeman owns Basil’s Restaurant in Greenville. He said he’s concerned about the popular delivery service Door Dash, a service he never signed up for his business to use.

“Door Dash, we’ve never had an agreement to be on their platform, but we’ve been placed on their website three different times,” Spengeman said.

Spengeman said he’s received customer complaints about the delivery service. One time, the app uploaded an incorrect menu. That’s when a customer complained.

“The only place where I can say accurately, say that my menu is online, and is correct, is on my website,” Spengeman said.

He also said he understands his customers’ frustrations. He’s frustrated, too.

“Cause sometimes our app will glitch,” said Leilani Pio, a Door Dash delivery person.

Pio said she’s having issues with the company, too, like when the app isn’t working.

“We call them, ‘What’s going on?’ Our GPS is down, it’s not working, and the orders will freeze on us,” Poi said. “And that will take 45 minutes, an hour or two for it to come back on our app.” 

Pio also said Door Dashers, as the delivery drivers are called, are not paid enough.

“And three dollars, their base pay, is not enough, so we are independent contractors, we rely on customers leaving us extra tips,” Pio said.

Charlie LaMantia runs Cucina LaMantia and just opened another restaurant called Godfather’s in Winterville. He used Door Dash for Cucina Lamantia but doesn’t any longer.

“The people, the dashers are great,” LaMantia said.

It was the company that LaMantia said was causing him issues.

“If you have to call them for support, it’s horrendous,” LaMantia said. “They promise you the world, they say ‘Yes, I’ll get back to you’ and then they never get back to you. Then, you just have to find the time to call them, to stay on the phone, and go through all that process.”

LaMantia said it was a difficult choice but they’re staying away from Door Dash for the moment.

“It was like a double-edge sword because I would get so many orders, so many people would use them,” LaMantia said. “It was like ‘What do I do?’ Do I shut them down because I’m aggravated, or do I keep rolling because all the orders are coming in.”  

We reached out to DoorDash for a response. A spokesperson said:

“DoorDash is proud to provide flexible earning opportunities for so many while helping restaurants grow their businesses and provide convenient delivery to customers. Dashers nationally earn over $22 on average per hour they’re on a delivery, including 100% of their tips. We are always working to improve our platform for merchants, restaurants, and customers, such as through a more transparent and actionable Dasher ratings system, feedback tools directly through a merchant’s portal, our 24/7 support team, as well as feedback from our Restaurant Advisory Council and Dasher Community Councils.” 

Spengeman said he wants to let customers know what’s going on.

“The end customer doesn’t understand that we don’t have control over these companies and what they’re doing,” Spengeman said. “If we took something off the menu and you want to order it from a company that I don’t even have an agreement with to deliver my food, I can’t be held responsible.” 


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