KINSTON, NC — During its regular meeting on Tuesday, the Kinston City Council voted to approve a list of properties to be made available for purchase by interested members of the public.

“I am excited that the City of Kinston has moved forward with making some of our unused properties available for purchase through the upset bid process,” says Councilmember Chris Suggs. “The City of Kinston owns several hundred vacant and unused properties. Maintaining these properties is a strain on our city’s resources, and as a member of the city council, I’ve worked to put these properties back in the hands of our community.”

In October 2022, Suggs introduced a policy aimed at promoting the sale of vacant city-owned properties and streamlining the city’s property bidding process. The policy was on the agenda for the city council to discuss during its October 18 meeting, and, after careful consideration, the council unanimously voted to approve it. The policy directs city staff to present a list of properties to the council each year to be made available for bid.

Most of the properties owned by the City of Kinston are empty and overgrown lots. None of the properties on the list approved by the council this week have structures or homes on them, and present a unique opportunity for fresh development.

City of Kinston provides new details on vacant properties up for sale

“It is my goal that this effort helps increase economic and community development opportunities for our city,” said Suggs. “Kinston has a lot of potential for growth, but it will take us working together—both the local government and the community—in order for us to achieve our desired progress.”

To help community members navigate the process of acquiring properties from the City of Kinston, Suggs has published a guide on his website that includes a template for how to submit a bid to the city. That guide can be found by clicking here.

The list of available properties can be found on the City of Kinston’s planning department website, or by clicking here.