RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — 10,000 bees? Local beekeeper says swarm season is almost here

It certainly feels like spring outside and that means you’ll soon see bees flying around, but what if you see a swarm of thousands of them? 

Beekeeper Ray Mann, says with the weather already warming up, we could see bees swarming soon.

Bees busy preparing for spring pollination

“When food is abundant they lay eggs and reproduce like crazy and with the warm conditions, the Red Maples have started blooming and it starts the cycle,” he explained. 

When the hive gets too crowded, the bees have to go somewhere.

“They’ll run out of space, whether they’re in a tree or in somebody’s backyard box and a large percentage of them will leave to go find a new home,” Mann said.

In the process, those 10,000 bees could end up in less-than-ideal places.

“They could show up anywhere; I’ve seen them on bumpers of cars,” said Mann. “They’ll be there until they feel like leaving.”

That’s where Mann comes in. Thousands of bees don’t bother him a bit.  He removes swarms and relocates them. He said swarming bees generally won’t bother people, unless someone bothers them. 

Still, if bees are swarming in your yard, he suggests calling a beekeeper and keeping your distance.

“Just stay away,” he urged. “Give them some space, and they’ll be fine.”

He says most beekeepers will remove swarms for free because they want to keep the bees.   If you have a swarm in your yard, you can contact Raleigh Swarm Catchers here:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/610229534229415 or check out this list of Wake County beekeepers who remove swarms here: https://wakecountybeekeepers.org/swarm