Car technicians say high heat affects how your car runs and drives


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – With heat indexes expected to reach the triple digits later this week, it is important to remember the effect those temperatures can have on your vehicle.

Technicians at Pugh’s Tire and Service in Greenville say the heat can affect everything about how your car drives and runs. They also say they have had plenty of customers come in due to heat-related issues.

“Our summer months are our busiest months,” service manager Colby Pugh said. “Hot weather is really tough on a car.”

“This time of year, at least three to four cars come in a week for coolant issues,” technician Stephen Piland added. “In wintertime, we maybe have one a month.”

They say the hot weather is keeping them busy.

“We are constantly having people come in with broke down cars, just having issues they normally wouldn’t have,” Pugh said.

They say high temperatures can wear down your tires, drain your battery, overwork your air conditioning, and more.

“Severe, dry-rided tires with the hot weather, cause the tire to expand, possible blowout on you,” Pugh said. “If you are running your car without coolant, with the hot weather, you can cause major problems with your thermostat, water pump, radiator, several things can be damaged with the hot weather.”

“I’ve seen people crack radiators, overheat the whole car and it blow the motor up,” Piland added.

Summertime means travel for many, but taking the time to look for potential issues with your car before hitting the road could save you big bucks.

“A lot of people are on the go in the summer, summertime is a busy month, so you know you just get in and go, you don’t think about checking stuff,” Pugh said. “That’s why you have us. You have shops in town, good idea to just bring it by to get a courtesy check.”

The people at Pugh’s say it’s important to check your tire pressure and coolant levels regularly during the summer.

Pugh’s and other car shops in Greenville like Mr. Tire and Briley’s say they will check them for you at no cost.

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