Carteret Co. School uses impairment goggles to help keep students safe


NEWPORT, N.C. (WNCT) — Croatan High School is working with the Carteret County Sheriff’s office to show students what it’s like to be in a dangerous driving situation.

“It’s kind of scary to think that that’s what people see when they’re under the influence,” said Croatan senior Riley Springfield. “I mean I would never want to drive like that.”

The school purchased a set of six goggles that simulate being impaired by alcohol, marijuana, and lack of sleep.

The idea is to show kids that they can’t function properly when they are drunk or high behind the wheel.

“I would be so scared,” said Springfield “because I know my parents would kill me and I would just be disappointed in myself that I let myself go out there and do that.”

the high school purchased the goggles, which cost about six hundred dollars, with money donated from across the country by an organization called Donors Choose.

Lieutenant Fred Meadows of the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office said the experience is something the kids need.

“Being able to simulate that,” said Meadows, “and then see the real potential dangers of drinking and driving and what alcohol does to your coordination and your visibility, it will help them to understand and help them not to do something like this in real life.”

Lieutenant Meadows said he plans to work with students in their gym classes to demonstrate how the goggles work.

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