AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) – It was a packed house at the Head Start Center in Ayden Wednesday.

Dozens of adults came to watch children relive events of the past.

It is a story relevant both now and in the 1950s.

An African-American woman was kicked off the bus for sitting in the front and sent to jail.

Does this sound familiar?

Rosa Parks called Martin Luther King Junior to get her out of jail in 1955.

Students at Head Start re-enacted the scene that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott for Black History Month.

6-year-old Lashanti played Rosa Parks.

Three generations of her family came to watch, including her mother Latosha Stewart.

“When she said that she was not going to give up her seat, I was so proud of her,” she said.

Lashanti has been practicing for weeks, borrowing a purple hat from her great-grandmother, Carol Wallace.

“We have come a long way, but we still have a ways to go,” Wallace said. “The children are learning what they had to go through generations before, so they can have the opportunities that they have today.”

4-year-old Mason Moye played Dr. King.

“He is special,” Moye said. “He is nice to all the people.”

His father, Finnell Moye Jr., was taking the moment in.

“It means a lot,” Moye Jr. said. “It is  a very big moment.”

Students also shared stories of black inventors who created everything from the hair straightener to the cell phone, inspiring children to set their own goals and make a difference, just like Rosa Parks.