At 17, Corey Purdie was convicted and incarcerated for nine years.

The now, 40-year-old, has transformed a mistake into a mission, advocating for removing the checkbox on job applications that ask if applicants have a criminal record.

Purdie said the checkbox affects employment, housing, and bank loans opportunities. 

Without the box, it allows applicants to be interviewed and employers to pull criminal background if necessary.

The City of New Bern enacted “Ban the Box” at Tuesday night meeting.

The City will be affected in a positive way by individuals being able to work and provide for their families an pay taxes.

Purdie’s family, mentor, and pastor guided him in the right direction.

Now he works at Pamlico Correctional Institution as a Transition Liason and is a business owner.

Purdie is organizing a lobby day on May 7th to advocate to ‘Raise the Age’. Raise the Age goes into effect December 2019.

“Youth prosecuted at the age of 16 were incarcerated as adults but starting December 2019 because of lobbying over the last few years they have raised the age from 16 to 18 now. What we are going for in May is to try and get that expanded so it affects individuals who were incarcerated prior to 2019,” said Purdie. 

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