GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Community members and city leaders will meet for a community clean up Saturday morning in Greenville at the Tropicana Supermarket, all to lend a hand to those who were devastated by flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

The 12 neighborhoods that are expected to be cleaned up include east and west Meadowbrook, Mumford Drive, a few trailer parks, the greenway at the Town Common, the Dog Park, Tar Estates, and Riverwalk.

“Our main job is to go and clean up debris. From the yards and the crawl spaces and all this area within these 12 and 13 neighborhoods that have been impacted and get these areas right and get these folks back on track and back with their lives,” said Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas.

With the logistical help of the City of Greenville, community members are now hoping you will join them in their efforts.

“What we’ve done is come together and go back into these neighborhoods that were so severely impacted by these floodwaters and go in Saturday and transform these communities better than they were before,” said Thomas.

He urges folks to dress appropriately, as if you’re doing yard work.

You can bring rakes, shovels, buckets, gloves, whatever you would like to help pick up debris.

Lastly, Mayor Thomas says bring the whole family. He wants folks of all ages to feel like they are giving back to their city.

If you want to join in on the cleanup efforts, you can either register early… at HMAN.ORG or simply just show up at 8 am at Tropicana Supermarket.

People can call (252) 329-4164 for more information.