Community members trying to change Kinston’s dog shelter ordinance


KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — You’ve heard about it all summer long, dogs tethered outside in the 90 plus degree heat. Now the city of Kinston is facing a similar situation, but now with dogs left out in the single digit temperatures.

“It touches you; it’s a feeling of sorrow,” said Jerry Henderson, president of Lenoir County’s S.P.C.A. board of directors. “A feeling of pain; if you love animals, if you care for animals, then you want those animals to have the ability to play, human companionship, animal companionship. You want them to be cared for.”

Jerry Henderson of the Lenoir County S.P.C.A.  hates to see pets outside in dog houses that don’t provide much warmth, which is why he is taking action. “We’re working with the Kinston city council to develop adequate shelter ordinance.”

Back in May of 2017 Lenoir County adjusted their shelter ordinance by adding a definition for “adequate shelter” such as bedding requirements and dimensions, but Kinston didn’t follow suit, which is why community members are fighting for the city to adopt this as well.

This latest call for change began when Kinston resident , Tripper Parham posted photos of a dog outside in the cold on Facebook, which got over 19 thousand shares.

The owner of this dog is not in the wrong living in the city of Kinston. She is providing a shelter, which is lawful, under Kinston’s ordinance.

“Just because I put pictures of that trailer up, or that dog it happens throughout Kinston, North Carolina,” said animal advocate, Tripper Parham. “To put the pressure on city leaders to change something and  try not to focus on just on that one trailer.”

Parham says the reason he posted it, was to try to make change in Kinston and for the laws to be changed, which he continues to rally for.

“I want an anti-tethering law, in Kinston,” said Parham. “I want the town of Kinston to define adequate shelter for pets so that this can’t happen again.”

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