PLYMOUTH, N.C. (WNCT) – Sunday marks 20 years since the deadly car crash in Plymouth, in which ten band members died.

“Their names have become a whisper,” Myrtle Bowser Brown said. “No one knows who the band of angels are. It’s our way of trying to make the community remember those ten kids.”

Myrtle Bowser Brown wants to keep the memory of her little girl alive.

“Felicia, she never got to make it to 16,” Brown said.

Her daughter was one of ten band members killed twenty years ago in the automobile accident in Plymouth.

Sunday, the community honored the lives of those students on the twentieth anniversary of the crash.

Countless people filled the pews of the Spring Green Church of Christ as current band members played tunes and balloons were released in their memory.

“It touched my heart to know the community has not forgotten, the people that did show up have not forgotten those ten kids,” Brown said.

“Our son, Clayton, was one of the youngest members of the band of angels,” Delores McCray said. “He was 14 and about to have a birthday in December. He would have been 15.”

Delores McCray and Clayton Chesson’s son was also in the car twenty years ago. They are hoping to keep his spirit alive with a new scholarship for upcoming band members.

“To help them go to college and pursue whatever they are going to pursue in life,” Chesson said.

The families say they believe their children would be pleased with the community’s celebration of their lives.

“I think she is smiling to know that people have not forgotten,” Brown said.

“He is just smiling and looking down at his mother and father and family and all the surrounding people and just saying thank you for doing this for us,” Chesson said.

The parents say they will require scholarship recipients to research about the Band of Angels and who they were.

They want recipients to interview the victim’s families and write an essay on the impact the Band of Angels made.