JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – After a gun was found at a high school in Onslow County earlier this week, some parents are calling for more security measures to be put in place. 

At Tuesday’s board meeting, some concerned parents brought up the idea of installing metal detectors in Onslow County Schools. Currently, the school system does not have walk-through metal detectors at any of its campuses. But they’re not ruling out the possibility of having them in the future.  

“I just want to know that my kid is safe, and I don’t feel safe with her right now at that school or at any of the schools in Onslow County,” said yJoy-Lyn La Follette. 

The news of a gun being found at White Oak High School scared La Follette. That’s why she decided to speak up and suggest adding the detectors at the school board meeting, so something like this doesn’t happen again.  

“Why not add that small extra level of precaution? Even if it only saves one life, even if it only catches one gun, it’s going to bring the extra eyes into the school,” said La Follette. 

Chief Communications Officer at OCS, Brent Anderson, said metal detectors are part of the ongoing discussion of school safety protocols and structures. School officials will need to take a lot into consideration before they can go forward with installing them.  

“Many of our campuses have multiple entrances onto the campus and into the buildings,” said Anderson. “So, we’d have to look at where are you going to station these? How long would it take kids to get through that? What about the manpower that would be needed?” 

The school system added they want to focus on parents being proactive at home and increased supervision by the staff at each school to help keep students safe.  

“If the staff and everybody get to know the kids, then it helps them to better understand that things are off and things aren’t like they normally are. And then they can intervene. And we can have those kinds of discussions with the kids to prevent those things from happening,” said Anderson.