Construction on Arlington Boulevard is delayed


“Ok so take you back to the beginning the whole idea we have going with Arlington Boulevard I would’ve driven up and down Arlington you’re well aware that particular stretch Hooker road to Greenville Boulevard is not in the best of conditions” said Brock Letchworth, Public Information Officer, City of Greenville

So the city of Greenville decided to change that by completely remodeling the road from top to bottom.

“So what we are having to do is go in and completely rehabilitate that road that means basically tear it all up and lay down a whole new road from the sub surface to the pavement on top.” Said Letchworth

the construction, phase one; from Hooker Road to Evans Street started in June with work scheduled to wrap up by mid-August.

Plans have changed.

“What’s happened is through some utility conflicts some weather delays and some different things like that the contractors fallen behind on it so, therefore, we are delayed until what we’re told at this point in time could be the end of September early October.” Said Letchworth
With school starting soon, prepare for more traffic and changes to your routes to work and school.

“Essentially what’s gonna happen is folks are gonna have to take detours if they are used to driving westbound Arlington to get to Rose for school they’re gonna have to take detours around to hooker road to get onto eastbound Arlington in order to get to those entrances to JH Rose High School”

The City and Pitt County Schools are working to make sure conditions are safe for students around the school.

“And with that, some of the things we’re talking about doing is having someone out there to direct traffic and our public works folks out there to help with some of the signal…controlling some of the signal changes during heavy time periods for traffic,” said Letchworth

City officials are urging drivers to be patient. The next phase of the project stretches from Evans Street to Greenville Boulevard. The entire project was scheduled to wrap up at the end of the year…but Letchworth tells 9 on your side he is not quite sure if that will change due to the current delay.

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