The Greenville Police Department and local barbershops partnered up through the organization Cops and Barbers for their third annual turkey giveaway event. 

“Community outreach is my passion,” said Sgt. Richie Williams. “So, anytime we can give back to our community and let the community see us in a different light, it’s a plus for us, for the Greenville Police Department as well as our community.” 

Williams and his team spent Tuesday morning packing frozen turkeys in trunks and backseats of local barbers. 

“This year we have given out over 200 turkeys for families in need for the holiday season,” said Williams “So it’s just a blessing and wonderful opportunity for us at the police department to give back to our community.”

Those turkeys were given out to thirteen barbershops in the area. 

“We all know that our barber shops are the pillar of our communities, and they know what families need, services in the community, and so we partner with them because it’s a great way to touch those in need,” Williams said.  

Rodney Harris, who owns Rodney’s barbershop on 14th Street in Greenville, said it only took about 30 minutes for them to distribute the 13 turkeys Greenville police provided. 

“It doesn’t take long for turkeys to get gone,” said Harris.

He said it means a lot to give back.

“It’s just a real good experience to know you helped out a family for Thanksgiving for those who were unable to obtain a turkey,” Harris said.