Craven County Health Department, Walgreens provide free service on National HIV testing day


“HIV affects everyone”

According to the CDC 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV. While 1 in 7 are unaware of their status.

Today is National HIV Testing Day and the Craven County Health Department is partnering with Walgreens to make sure you are educated.

“My hope is that we can help eliminate stigma especially in smaller counties and I’m hoping it’ll also hit the hearts of the gatekeepers of the community to encourage those who could possibly have HIV to get tested,” said Krystal Hargett, Public Health Education Specialist, Craven County Health Department

Krystal Hargett works for the Craven County Health Department and says getting tested isn’t hard.

“It’s just as simple as filling out a form with your information and a quick finger prick…that’s it,” said Hargett

According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Craven County ranks 52 in the state for newly diagnosed HIV rates among adults and adolescents

Hargett says prevention is key.

“Number one practicing abstinence but if you’re sexually active making sure you’re using some form of a preventive measure. Which would be condoms or dental dam” said Hargett

it’s about making sure you stay on top of your health. No matter what your status may be.

“And if you know or figure out what your status maybe ahead of time. It’s easy to help you become non-detectable. So it’s about getting treated and getting into care as soon as possible so that we can help the spread of HIV” said Hargett

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