Crystal Coast towns continue to replenish beaches after Florence


Hurricane Florence recovery efforts continue in Eastern North Carolina.

Crystal Coast Beaches saw a major loss in sand dunes, beach vegetation and fencing.

These are vital for recreation, the ecosystem, and storm protection.

According to Greg Rudolph also known as Rudi, shore protection manager for Carteret County, Florence
“took away about 3.2 million cubic yards of sand.”

Rudolph said that’s equivalent to 267,000 dump trucks worth of sand. 

But this past winter, portions of Emerald Isle and Indian Beach were revitalized.

“Out of the $20 million project we covered about 5.2 miles,” said Rudi.

In Pine Knoll Shores however, officials are still working to replenish their beaches.

“We met with FEMA in October very soon after the storm and with the help of Rudi we were able to
demonstrate were compliant with all the FEMA regulations to even apply for a renourishment project,” said Brian Kramer, town manager of Pine Knoll Shores.

Kramer added the restoration of the beaches is necessary for emergencies.

“Certain points of our beach we can’t get an EMS pickup truck and a jet ski along certain points.
We’ll get a jet ski out there but it could potentially take longer,” said Kramer.

If the project for Pine Knoll Shores is approved by FEMA, recovery efforts can begin this fall.


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