Currituck County responds to social media video of attack on pig


CURRITUCK, N.C. (WNCT) – A video of a pig attacked by dogs in Currituck County that was posted on social media has caused Currituck County Animal Services to issue a response.

Animal services officials said the incident occurred on a family’s private property when a gate to an animal enclosure was mistakenly left open, allowing the family’s dogs to attack one of the family’s pet pigs.

A video of the attack was made by a neighbor and posted on social media. Warning: The video is graphic.

Officials said one of the owners was home and responded to the situation by calling the dogs off of the pig and returning them to their enclosure.

Officers from the Currituck Sheriff’s Office and Currituck Animal Services and Control responded after a 911 call was placed by a neighbor.

Officers said the animal’s owner had secured the dogs in their enclosure by the time they arrived, and they observed scratches and marks on the head of the pig, which was up and walking around at the time.

Currituck Animal Services said the owner consulted with them on appropriate veterinary care for the pig, and it is now begin given antibiotics for its wounds.

It is back in it pen at the property and is expected to make a full recovery.

Currituck Animal Services said they have conducted a follow-up visit to the property to check on the welfare of the pig and to make certain the various pets are appropriately separated in their enclosures.

Officials said the dogs were not removed from the property because it was an incident involving family pets on private property.

The dogs do not have a history of reports of violence and were not reported to have left the property or being a threat to humans, officials said.

Currituck Animal Services said the family is fully cooperating with them to try to avoid any future incidents involving their pets.

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