D.H. Conley graduate dedicating his life to service


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – After four years of hard work, high school seniors across the east are graduating this weekend.

Pitt County Schools will graduate more than 1,600 students from it’s schools, including D.H. Conley.

Noland Paramore graduated Friday evening and has his next steps planned out.

Paramore said, “Honestly it’s a mix of emotions. I’m definitely proud but at the same time I’m kind of ready, you know ready to take on that next chapter in my life.”

For Paramore, graduation comes with a looming reality.

“I’m also very sad so to speak because, you know, I’m leaving June 27th, so I really won’t get a chance to see everyone here before I leave.”

Paramore was accepted into the United States Naval Academy.

“The lifestyle really means a brotherhood,” said Paramore. “I’m looking forward to making an entirely new family. It’s kind of like I’m leaving one family and going to another one. I just don’t know them yet.”

Serving our country’s military has been Paramore’s lifelong dream.

“Definitely my grandfather, he has served in the navy and has grown up with me, I guess if that sounds funny, but he’s grown up with me,” he said. “I’ve heard stories of the navy growing up myself from him which kind of inspired me to begin with I guess you could say.”

When you talk to Paramore you get the sense this young man has a plan.

“The academy really focuses on making leaders,” he added. “As soon as I come out I’ll be an officer in the Navy and I’ll be in charge of squadrons, I’ll be leading people.”

Paramore said he hopes to be a fighter pilot.

“If we’re going to be completely honest I’m not nervous. I’m ready. I have prepared myself mentally and physically. They’re going to push me to the limits and over those limits but I’m excited,” Paramore said.

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Paramore dreams to dedicate his life’s work to defending our country.

He said, “Really Navy is the place where I feel like I’m at home. I’m ready to serve my country and that’s just the person that I am.”

D.H Conley High School graduates received over 5.1 million dollars in scholarships.

More than one millions dollars of that was Paramore’s alone.

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