In 1992, Teresa Murray’s father was murdered by a hitman her stepmother, Sylvia White, hired.

It happened in Kinston, and after White’s arrest, it was discovered Sylvia White had also suffocated her four-year-old stepson, Murray’s brother, in 1973.

Now, a court is discussing the possibility of parole for Sylvia White, the woman convicted of the crimes.

“I want to keep her in prison,” said Murray. “…I think most people want her to stay in prison because she’s an evil, wicked woman.”

Teresa Murray is scared White may be let free.

“It was horrible,” said Murray. “As far as my little brother’s death, he just started life. And my daddy was only 59 years old, just turned 59 in December. This was January.”

White was arrested in February 1992 for hiring a hitman to kill Billy White, her husband.

Billy White was well-known in Kinston, and Murray described her father as “a people person. He loved, and people loved him. 

Once his life was taken, it was discovered the “accidental death” of Murray’s brother in 1973 was not accidental.

“She went to court and was found guilty of first degree murder on my brother,” Murray said.

Sylvia White was given two life sentences, plus 10 years for conspiracy.

It rocked Murray’s life. As a young woman, she watched her family members get killed off by Sylvia White. Her dad’s death is something she said she will never forget.

“With him, I feel like I never got my opportunity to grieve like I was supposed to because I was so involved in court dealing with Sylvia,” Murray said. “That we missed a lot of the grieving we should have done.”

Now that White has the chance to be let out on parole, Murray is doing everything she can to stop it. 

“If anyone can send in an email or a letter voicing your concerns about them letting her out. I’d appreciate it,” Murray said. said. 

The court is set to come back with a decision in a matter of a few weeks. 

“I hope she doesn’t get out, because someone else will lose their life,” said Murray. “It might be you, your brother, or your dad. She needs to rot there.”