DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A family trying to build their dream home in Davidson County has suffered another setback amid supply chain woes. Vandals destroyed and defaced what they’ve been successful in building so far. 

For the last two years, Joshua Hoots and his father have been working on the home, which is set back off Union Grove Road in Davidson County. 

“It’s just a frustrating situation,” Hoots said on Wednesday. 

Hoots pulled up to the home and was greeted by spray paint on its exterior, but the damage was even more extensive than what was on the surface. 

 “They’re taking spray paint. They’ve painted obscenities on the outside of the house on the brickwork. They painted obscenities inside on my kids’ floors and the kitchen floor,” he explained. 

Some of the images and words spraypainted outside and inside the home are too graphic to show on television or online. 

“You work hard. You try and save. You try and do all the right things. You come out and try to build your family a house at the same time trying to balance work, your kids and building a house…and people just come out and bust something for no reason,” Hoots said. “They just tear stuff up just because they can or they’re jealous or they’re bored.” 

While Hoots can’t put a price tag on the damage at this point, he knows he’s missing out on something money can’t buy. 

“It’s frustrating because it eats away time with my kids. It’s time I’m spending on this house that I would have spent with my kids,” he said. 

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office says it believes the vandalism happened sometime between Saturday and Wednesday. Deputies also think a group of juveniles is behind it. 

“They’re spray painting three different colors which tells me there’s probably three different people who are doing it,” Hoots detailed. 

The family plans to put up cameras around the home to deter any future malicious acts. In the meantime, Hoots is sending a message out to the people responsible for the disrespectful setback:

“Give me a break. I’m out here trying to build a house for my family,” he said. “I’m working hard during the day. I’m working hard at night. I’m trying to spend time with my daughters in the meantime, and this just eats away from all that.”