Deer population in ENC may be due to development


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Increased development may be having a visible impact on the appearance of deer in residential areas. In 2015, Greenville City Council heard from citizens about a potential growing deer population. The North Carolina Wildlife Commission says this may not be the case.

“We need to keep that in perspective because some hunters never saw a deer while out deer hunting last season,” says N.C. Wildlife Commission Biologist Chris Kent.

Instead, biologists suggest that deer have nowhere else to go. While some of the animals are popping up in neighborhoods, others are looking for safety in spots they may not have been found before.

“Increase development in those different places, you may have a situation that deer and other animal like that are kind of pushed out of areas that they once were able to seek refuge in,” says Kent.

Kent says deer are simply looking for food anywhere they can find it.

“Animals like deer are smart,” he says. “They know they can seek safe refuge in those areas.”

He suggests if residents are finding the animals to be a continued nuisance they should contact the Wildlife Commission or move forward with some simple steps on their own. Those include spraying “deer repellant”, planting items that deer do not like to eat, or putting up fencing to keep the animals out. Otherwise, Kent says the deer will likely continue to make appearances.

The North Carolina Wildlife Commission says that municipalities can apply for an archery permit if they do feel the deer population is too heavy but they say that must be done by April 1st in order for it to go into effect the following year.

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