GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – ECU School of Dental Medicine will be offering free dental care to patients who are interested in participating in the state board exam for graduating seniors.

If you qualify to be a patient, not only will you receive treatment for free but you will also help students get hands-on experience. 

Students must perform three procedures to pass the board – two types of fillings and a cleaning.

“You see them when they first start and they know very little about dentistry, and by the time they graduate you feel comfortable with them working on your family,” said Dr. Joseph Parkinson, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, ECU School of Dental Medicine. “It is really good to see them grow in their skills and abilities.”

To find out if you qualify to be a part of the exam you must sign up for a free dental screening.

The screening lasts about an hour.

If your dental needs match the criteria of the exam you are likely to be accepted.

To schedule a screening, call the university at 252-737-7834.

The exam is on February 28, 2020.