Deputy working to combat illegal dumping in Pitt County


Illegal dumping is a growing issue in Pitt County, and Deputy Mauro Mele is working to combat the issue by identifying and managing illegal dumping sites in the county.

Deputy Mele said he sees residents throwing trash on the side of the road, trash falling out of trucks that aren’t covered and illegal dumping sites.

With specific areas of the county as his top priority.

Deputy Mele works closely with NCDOT to help clear up the trash.

He hopes to work with Probation and Parole for community service opportunities cleaning the roads and with inmates.

Pitt County has 14 recycling centers for citizens.

You can take any other waste to the Pitt County Transfer Station on Landfill Road in Greenville.

If you see someone littering or spot an illegal dump site and would like to report it, contact Deputy Mauro Mele, Pitt County Environmental Enforcement Officer at 252-902-3354 or 252-714-4443.

To report illegal dumping online click here.

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