GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As Governor Pat McCrory takes the voter ID law all the way to the Supreme Court, local election officials in North Carolina are hoping voters simply understand what they need to do in November. They are worried there may be some confusion, for good reason, with many people still lost on the current requirements.

As the ruling stands, a photo ID will not be required for the general election. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the law unconstitutional. Dave Davis with the Pitt County Board of Elections says the majority of voters will not be required to show an ID on election day, but some still will have to.

“There will be some voters that may have to show ID, not necessarily photo ID,” says Dave Davis with Pitt County Board of Elections. “Those will be first time voters who when they registered to vote didn’t provide their driver’s license or the last four of their social.”

The requirement mentioned by Davis to verify information is a part of the Help America Vote Act of 2002. Local and State Board of Elections staff acknowledges the requirement of an ID in some cases is confusing but are working on new signage to clearly explain all requirements.

Davis says poll workers will also be trained on this aspect of voting so they may help people at the polls. That training starts in October.