Doctors find brown recluse spider in woman’s ear


The brown recluse spider is one of two venomous spiders native to the U.S. – along with the black widow.GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

(CBS News) —  Most people know how it feels to have some water left in your ear after a shower or a dip in the pool. But a Kansas City woman was horrified to learn that in her case, that waterlogged feeling was actually caused by a venomous brown recluse spider lodged in her ear.

Susie Torres told local news sources that she through there was water stuck in her ear. At first glance, the medical assistant that checked her ear seemed to be shocked and went to get others to examine her ear more closely.

Torres was taken back when she was told ‘there might be an insect in there.’

She didn’t panic at that point, but shortly after, the medical assistant gave her a cringe-worthy reason that would freak anyone out. “She came back in and told me it was a spider,” Torres said.

The medical staff used tools to get the spider out. Doctors told Torres it was a highly venomous brown recluse spider— which fortunately did not bite her.

“I never thought they would crawl in your ear or any part of your body,” Torres said. She has no clue where the spider came from, but now she’s taking precautions to prevent any other arachnids from burrowing in her ear.

According to the CDC, the brown recluse is one of two venomous spiders found in the U.S., along with black widows. “Spiders are usually not aggressive and most bites occur because a spider is trapped or unintentionally contacted,” the CDC says. So, Torres got lucky — she could’ve received a bite that would cause itching, pain, and irritation, or even, in rare cases, death.

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