Doctors report uptick in kidney stones from dieting resolutions

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According to a recent study, dieting and eating healthy is the most common New Year’s resolution with a whopping 71% of people planning to alter their eating habits.

Doctors warn a rapid diet change, albeit for the better, can wreak havoc on the body.

Urologists with Roper St. Francis’ Kidney Stone Center of Charleston report seeing an uptick in patients coming in for treatment of calcium oxalate stones.

“I had one patient that I recall is drinking kale and spinach smoothies, one or two of them every day for several weeks and these are thin patients, healthy patients, (who) exercise every day and she came in with a calcium oxalate stone that is almost certainly in her case related to abrupt diet change,” said Dr. T.J. Tipton.

Several healthy foods like spinach, collard greens, nuts and dark chocolate are oxalate rich.

“I would never say avoid these types of foods. Growing up this is what your mom and grandma said you got to eat. Your primary care physician is probably telling you to eat these things but it’s the same idea of everything in moderation,” said Tipton.

Dr. Tipton recommends making gradual diet changes to avoid any negative consequences.

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