Doctors say allergy season is worst in years


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – For those who think this allergy season is worse than past years, doctors say you’re not wrong.

We’re in between two allergy seasons but doctors say there are ways to help ease your symptoms.

Doctor Sherif Taha works as a specialist with Allergy Partners Greenville.

Dr. Taha said, “This allergy season has been one of the worst that I’ve ever seen since I came to Greenville.”

Dr. Taha said he’s seen more patients and more severe cases than ever before.

“The symptoms you are talking about are running, stuffy, sneezing, itchy nose, itchy water eyes,” said Taha.

Chances are you’ve suffered through some symptoms.

Dr. Taha said there are a few explanations to this bizarre season.

“We are seeing that the season is starting earlier,” said Taha. “We usually see the spring which is the tree pollen and believe it or not we are seeing pollination of red cedar starting as early as February.”

Taha said another contributor is global warming.

“So as the global warming is increasing the pollination season is becoming longer, starting earlier, ending late,” said Taha. “So that increases the amount of exposure people get to pollen every day.”

He claims your lifestyle can also affect the severity of your allergies.

He said, “We are getting vaccinations, kids are not eating outside, eating junk food, less exposure to the sunlight and lack of vitamin D.”

Taha said these are all things that are hurting our immune response system.

As for those over the counter allergy pills, he says timing is key.

Taha said, “Start those a couple of weeks before the season starts and continue it because if you miss this, and the symptoms start to appear, it’s very difficult to put that under control.”

Dr. Taha said if you enjoy outdoor activities but find that allergies get in your way, try to wait until later in the day.

He said pollen is most severe in the morning from dawn until around 11 a.m.

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