Dorian brings beach hazards along ENC coast


CRYSTAL COAST, N.C. (WNCT) Hurricane Dorian landed and lingered in the Bahamas leaving behind death and destruction.

The Grand Bahama Island is devastated.

Although Dorian is days away from coming near the Carolinas, we are already feeling some impacts by the coastline.

Already seeing elevated seas even though the center of Dorian is roughly 500 miles from our coast.

There has begun to be an increase in swell energy pulsing towards our coast which has brought a high threat of rip currents for all our area beaches.

This will even impact our beaches through the late week leading to a prolonged period of active and strong rip currents.

Those of us along the southeastern coast need to continue to monitor Dorian’s track, especially from Wednesday through Friday.

No matter the track we will be seeing impacts from Dorian as it weakens and begins to unravel.

Even best-case scenario with it offshore we will have heavy rains, storm surge along the coast, and strong winds.

The exact track will help to understand the intensity of all of those but ahead of this, it is good to now get a plan in place with your family to be on the safer end of this storm.

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