Down Eats: Nino’s Cucina Italian in Greenville


Greenville and authentic Italian food may not sound like they go together, but Nino’s is proving the pair makes for some incredible food.

Since opening up a few years ago, Nino’s has been serving up dishes you could find while visiting Italy.

“Our food is real Italian,” said co-owner Pietro Passalicqua. “It’s real of what we remember from Sicilia.”

Family is at the heart of everything they do at Nino’s.

“A lot of their meals or plates are prepared the way their family used to make them,” said Carlos Anciano, a regular at Nino’s.

With several generations helping to operate the place, Nino’s is serving everything from sandwiches and salads, to Italian classics they’re putting their own spin on.

The most popular dish at Nino’s — Cacio e Pepe. It’s homemade spaghetti tossed in a giant wheel of Pecorino Romano cheese imported from Italy. 

“It infuses the pasta with the flavor more than just pouring it on top of it,” Anciano said.

It’s the perfect dish for cheese lovers. If you order it you’ll get a show too — they’ll bring the cheese wheel right out to your table and mix it in front of you!

“I think the passion is the biggest thing,” said Dave VanDeventer. “You can actually just taste it in the food. You can see it in the presentation.”

They’re even making up their own takes on Italian dishes, like the chicken saltimbocca. Fried chicken is topped with fresh mozzarella and prosciutti, imported from Italy. It is all topped with a homemade sauce comprised of cream, oranges and raisins.

“We have a lot of dishes we cook with raisins and orange, so we combine it together and we come out with this,” said Chef and Co-owner Massimo Mannino.

Make sure you also check out Nino’s incredible desserts and their own special blended wine, which is also imported from Italy.

For more information on Nino’s, click here.

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