The East is home to one of the largest Hollywood movie props collections across the nation.

One of its special features is two rooms filled with pieces from major horror movies.

Its owner Wesley Cannon recently took 9 On Your Side on a tour.

“Growing up, having the interest in the horror movies, it wasn’t really about the gore or anything like that,” said Cannon. “It was more of the art, and the talent in it. How it was all put together to make it look like that.  When I first started collecting, that’s what I based a lot of my interest from just from a kid and the interest from my past.”

Cannon’s love for horror movies has attracted international attention, most recently from Netflix.

“The first show came in 2011. Sci-fi did a show called “Hollywood Treasures”. We filmed for just one day,” said Cannon.

“The second filming we did was with Netflix,” Cannon said. “It’s a show called ‘Amazing Interiors.’ The premise behind the show is that the outside of the house is supposed to look like a normal 
ordinary house, but then obviously when you get in it has a ‘bam’ factor to it.”

One of the bam factors of Cannon’s collection is something that’s recognizable to followers of the now cult classic “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

It’s the complete set for Jack Skellington’s house from the movie.

“When it bombed, Disney put out an order to have everything destroyed,” said Cannon. “So, you can find very little from this movie.”

While he’s amassed some rare props over the years, these pieces are just a small part of Cannon’s overall collection.

“Originally, I don’t think anyone imagined it to be to this level,” said Cannon. “There’s sometimes I just walk in here to get something, or to watch a movie on TV. You look around and you’re like ‘man, where did all of this come from?’”