GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – An ECU Alert sent out around 1:00 A.M. on Monday says an unknown black male followed a female student from the downtown area to her dorm. 

He’s described as having short dreads, and was wearing a red hoodie and black jeans. 

While walking onto campus, the female says the man touched her back.

She then entered her dorm and the subject left on foot, heading west away from campus.

“I think it is definitely important for all women to be able to have that feeling of being safe, especially on a school campus,” ECU senior Lizzie Bear said.

Bear said she felt creeped out when she got the alert on her phone.

“That just makes me feel uncomfortable kind of as a woman being able to walk home, especially witht he freshman and younger students here,” Bear said. “I have been in situations before where I haven’t felt that I haven’t felt safe, not necessarily on campus, but just in general. I don’t like how this man comes and follows her and feels he is able to do that.”

Officers canvased the area on and around campus and did not locate the subject.

ECU Police Captain Chris Sutton at ECU Police said the girl involved is unharmed.

He said they are trying to identify who is responsible.

“We have cameras all over the campus and the city has cameras that they can assist us so we will comb through a lot of different camera footage over the next several days to try to identify the route that this individual took,” Sutton said.

In the meantime, Sutton said students should always travel in groups, be aware of their surroundings, limit alcohol consumption and avoid distractions.

“You should always put yourself in a situation where you can have the safest outcome possible,” Sutton said.

Students said they are being more careful following the reported incident.

“Be a lot more cautious walking around downtown by myself, I do feel like it is a pretty safe area but definitely feel more cautious,” Bear said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Greenville Police at 252-329-4315.

Information can be provided anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 252-758-7777 or you can use LiveSafe tips to anonymously report information.

In the LiveSafe app, there is a “safe walk” feature where students can partner with someone else to share their location and route.

The other individual, like a parent or friend, can monitor to see if there are any pauses or stops in the journey from point A to point B and monitor police.

The app allows users to text dispatchers immediately.

Sutton said police can also escort students home if requested.