GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – East Carolina University faculty members expressed outrage that their chancellor received a 19 percent pay raise from the University of North Carolina Board of Governors.

Chancellor Steve Ballard got a pay bump from around $322,000 a year to $385,000. The last pay raise for the position came in 2012.

Faculty members like ECU English instructor Stephanie West-Puckett received a one-time $750 bonus.

She called the pay raise outrageous, as many of their departments are facing budget tightening.

“[There’s] no doubt that higher education is in crisis in North Carolina,” West-Puckett said. “It’s really disconcerting.”

She said it’s unfair because as students pay more in tuition, faculty members receive no raises and departments like her’s cut back, administrators receive more money.

ECU math professor Zach Robinson said he and other faculty members share West-Puckett’s feelings.

“People are disappointed and really angry about this,” he said.

Not only did Professor Robinson not receive a pay raise, he’s paying more in tuition for his daughter who goes to UNC Chapel Hill.

Both West-Puckett and Robinson are members of advocacy group Faculty Forward North Carolina.

They plan to organize a response along with students to express their unhappiness.

“If you want the quality of education to remain what it has been in the University of North Carolina system,” West-Puckett said. “You have to raise faculty salary.”

WNCT 9 On Your Side left a message for the UNC Board of Governors but has yet to receive a response.