GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Rain or shine Saturday was game-day in pirate nation.

The boys were gearing up to take on Western Carolina.

The fans were doing what they do best, tailgating.

The pirates haven’t seen the catamounts since 1981, so fans are taking it very seriously

“My first ECU college football game was against Western Carolina, and here we are,” said an alumnus from class of 1985, Thomas Combs.

The traditions of the game have become a family affair for most. Many Alumni like David Johnson have made it a routine.

“I came to school here in 93 and never left and we’ve been here at this spot with the same group for ever since probably ’99-2000,” said Johnson

Younger generations like ECU sophomore Kendall Thomas are also catching on to the Pirate love.

She said it’s like family. “I live about two hours away and it still feels like home here. I’m ready to take on and keep the traditions going and I’m ready for all the excitement, and loudness, and just the fun of football.”

But some things this year have changed like a new coach and quarterback.

“I definitely think that we’ll be better this year [like] better than ever. I mean we’re coming in with a new coach new students new players,” said ECU Freshman Lauren Tuck

Combs agrees that change is good.

“We can’t wait to see coach Mo and the team come out. We’ve got a new era starting this year so we’re all pumped up and ready to go,” he said

Nothing can keep these fans down not even a storm named Hermine.

ECU Alumna Jennifer Holkins said it’s what they live for.

“We’re pirates we thrive in the hurricane no problem. Arggg,” she said