ECU Police prepare officers with active shooting sessions


School may be out but ECU’s Police Department hasn’t stopped their protective measures for students. 

It’s a part of the universities emergency planning procedure. 

The focal point is active shooters on school grounds. 

During the week of May 14-18, the Police Department will host 6-hour training sessions. 

On Tuesday night, it was a very active scene inside the Carol G. Belk Building as a host of officers participated in rigorous workshops to help build their critical thinking skills in life and death situations. 

Lt. Chris Sutton said these active shooter situations help prepare officers in real time. 

“We want to be able to get law enforcement in as quickly as possible to confront and stop a threat,” said Lt. Sutton. “We want to be able to extend the seconds to be able to save lives.” 

Each year instructors create themes centered around a certain topic. 

This year is “Stop the Bleeding.” 

Dr. Eric Toschlog is the Chief of Trauma and Surgical Care at Brody’s School of Medicine.

His goal is to teach officers how to respond when they arrive on a scene.

“The techniques that offices will learn this week will allow them to apply direct pressure,” said Dr. Toscholog. “Pack wounds with gauze and apply TUR NICS to actually stop the bleeding and save a life.” 

Throughout the several mass shootings, instructors want to keep in mind the number one priority lives. 

“it’s incumbent upon our officers and our administration to do all within our power to ensure that they have a safe experience while they’re here,” said Lt. Sutton. 

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the F.B.I. took preventive measures against future shootings. 

In 2013, the investigative assistance for violent crimes act was signed into law to provide federal assistance during active shooter incidents and mass killings. 

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