GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — East Carolina University move-in week has begun. While the official move-in day is not until Wednesday, some students have been settling into their dorms early as Sunday night.

Construction may prove to be an obstacle for new students, and officials said there will be quite a bit of navigating around traffic cones and barriers for those trying to get into their dorms.

“All of the construction, congestion that we’ve had, that will contribute to some traffic problems that we will experience,” said Lt. Chris Sutton with ECU police.

ECU says one of the biggest projects affecting traffic is the renovation of Clement Hall.

“There’s definitely a lot more construction going on on-campus, especially with the new hall and even in Greenville,” said Abu-Bakarr Kuyateh, an East Carolina University tour guide.

But officials say they are stopping all work this week to make move-in easier.

“With the conditions in place for the contractors working around campus to allow students to move in without continued construction (it) will help us to get people in quicker,” Sutton said.

“It would be chaos with everybody moving around at the same time, so we are just going to get them settled in so they can get comfortable, then we will come in and do the rest of the work,” said construction worker David Munn.

Students and parents said they’re happy with the university’s decision.

“Nobody gets hurt, you know, it’s going to be confusing and crazy enough,” said Lauren Webb, the mother of an incoming freshman. “So I think it’s probably a smart decision.”

“That definitely would make our lives a lot easier,” said Peyton Webb, her son. “Hopefully, it does get done soon though.”

Ecu is asking students to stay within boundaries before, during and after moving in.

“If there’s a construction fence there, it’s for their protection and also to keep them out, so it will be helpful for students to adhere to that, to not go into construction zones,” Sutton said.

“Just get here as early as possible,” said Kuyateh. “Patience, that’s all, that’s all you can have is just patience when you are moving in.”

ECU officials say they are going to do everything they can to make it a safe and quick move-in for everyone.

They’re asking non-ECU students and faculty to only come to the area if they absolutely have to.

They said the less unnecessary motorists, the smoother the week will go.