Educators adjust lesson plans as needed in response to threats


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Teachers manage classroom disruptions every day, but outside disruptions, like recent threats to schools, are out of their control.

“Cause we had such low attendance from students being checked out Monday,” said Lauren Piner, teacher for South Central High School, “I went from having 35 students in a class to having nine students in a class.”

A dip in attendance, leaving teachers to ask, do I continue my instruction?

“I’m not going to penalize those students for leaving,” said Piner. “We’re pushing pacing back a day or two to make sure all students get the content and curriculum they need.”

When it comes to a sick day or family emergency, teachers say they always work with the students, never thinking they’d have to do the same for threats.

“Teachers, we’re pretty flexible with testing and attendance,” said Piner. “You learn to roll with the punches.”

Rolling with the punches is something teachers have had to do across our country since the deadly school shooting in Florida.

Not just with lesson plans, also with staying strong for their students and coming to work.

“It can be stressful because you’re always wondering what if in that situation,” said Piner. “We’ve been practicing this. So you hope it never comes, but we are prepared.”

“Schools probably offer more safe measures than most public places,” said South Central principal Janarde Canon. “We’re equipped for it. We have trainings, we have drills, we have two full time S.R.O. officers.”

For principal, Janarade Cannon, its making sure the school is safe, even inviting parents to the school to make them feel more comfortable.

“If they would like to come and look to see,” said Cannon. “We’re open. It’s well documented on our website and our policies and procedures.”

South Central says they have not seen a drastic change in attendance since the threats on social media. School has carried on as normal.

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