KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A Kannapolis woman is searching for a UPS worker who jumped into action to alert her that her home was on fire.

Bobbie Wilson couldn’t see the flames attacking her home, but she was already picturing it in her mind.

“To get that call just sent me into a worst-case scenario; my heart sank,” said Wilson. “I had to remember to breathe; all of my trauma training went out the window.”

The emergency room nurse was away from home, imagining how the flames might be destroying her house.

“It was pretty scary,” said Wilson. “We ran out of the store; I called 911, high-tailed it back here,” said Wilson.

Her porch is damaged, and the siding is melted, but it’s not as bad as it seemed when she first got that call.

Most of the damage is on the outside of the home; Wilson just can’t imagine what might have happened if a mail truck delivery driver hadn’t stopped by, seen the fire, and then talked with her through her Ring doorbell camera.

“He was really just frantically trying to make me aware that my home was on fire,” said Wilson.

She doesn’t know what the UPS driver did after that.

She watched him on the Ring camera for a bit.

“He was gone when I got here, so it was really kind of like one of those angel, angel things,” said Wilson.

The delivery driver did more than enough.

“I’m just thankful I was on his route that day, very thankful,” said Wilson.

Now, she just wants to tell him in person.

“I’m thankful that his quick actions and quick thinking saved my home,” said Wilson.

Not only her home.

“I was just very thankful that she (her dog Bella) wasn’t here; this is my baby,” said Wilson.

Bella, the dog, was shopping with Wilson that day, which is one more reason to be thankful.

The Kannapolis Fire Department says the fire was accidental and caused by a discarded cigarette reigniting around the porch.