Experts say spring cleaning poses as health risk for some


Health experts say spring cleaning could pose as a health risk for those dealing with respiratory issues. 

However, spring cleaning is a very important part of the year. It is important to get dust, allergens and irritants which build up out of the home. 

It is important to clean in a well-ventilated area — open up windows and doors. 

“If you do have preexisting condition like COPD or asthma or anything with the lungs it can be particularly exacerbated when you’re cleaning however it’s really important to clean even for healthy individuals,” said Dr Daniel Becerra, Greenville Family Doctors.

Chemicals like chlorine, bleach and ammonia can be harsh on one’s breathing, so doctors suggest using more natural products. Cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda are good substitutes. 

Aerosol sprays can also be harmful for someone suffering from lung disease or other related issues.

You can also wear a small particle mask which serves as an extra layer of safety when cleaning this spring season. 

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