A hearing is scheduled this week in the wrongful conviction case of Dontae Sharpe.

Sharpe is serving a life sentence for the 1994 murder of George Radcliffe. He along with his family maintains his innocence.

Monday supporters gathered in Greenville ahead of Thursday’s hearing saying they are ready and optimistic about his upcoming evidentiary hearing.

Dontae Sharpe has been serving a life sentence since he was arrested 25 years ago, at the age of 19. Today the Sharpe family, the Pitt County NAACP and other civic groups spoke about their continued optimism in the Dontae Sharpe case. Supporters say they are hopeful about this next hearing…since they feel the last hearing in May had a positive outcome.

The family hoping he comes home.

“We miss him at every holiday we miss his participation in everyday family things his daughter has missed having a father his grandmother who came with us to the hearing in may have not seen her grandson for a decade it is time for Dontae to come home it’s time for him to get to know his own grandchildren” Said Sarah Blakely, Dontae Shape’s Mother.

Sharpe’s second evidentiary hearing is set for Thursday at 10 am in the Pitt County Court House.