Farmers continue to struggle in eastern North Carolina


Some farmers here in the east are struggling to stay afloat, battling tough working conditions and a trade war.

“There’s going to be people this year, they’re not going to be able to farm next year certainly  I mean there’s going, there are people that farmed in 2018 that didn’t farm this year,” says farmer Frankie Purser.

Like many farmers, he’s worried about the future of his family farm and he’s trying to make a difference by speaking out on the issues farmers face daily.

“If people sit back and don’t say anything nothing’s going to get done the status quo is going to keep on going on…that’s why I’m speaking out because I feel like America has been sold out to corporations,” he says.

He continues to say he’s disappointed that more farmers aren’t voicing theirs in opinions on these hardships.

There are ways that farmers and other members of the community can make a difference.

“Be involved in the process whether that’s voting certainly make sure you vote when opportunities come about to do so but even more importantly would be having conversations with your legislators and other representatives of the industry that you’re working in,” says Rod Gurganus, Extension Director and Extension Agent in Beaufort County.

Farming doesn’t just impact the farming community but the local economy as well, communities can help support farmers during this time by continuing to buy local.

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