FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Business is bustling for Jim’s Gun Jobbery & Indoor Range in Fayetteville. This comes after Republican state lawmakers voted to override Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s veto on a gun bill.

The move eliminates the need to get a permit from county sheriff’s offices before buying a handgun in North Carolina.

“Kind of wasted my money; wasted $10,” Jordan Green, a customer at Jim’s said.

Just two weeks ago, Green purchased a pistol permit at the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. At the time, he needed it so he could purchase a handgun. He just found out Thursday morning, he no longer needs it.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said it will no longer issue any pistol purchase permits. However, it will continue to offer concealed carry permits.

“I feel there should be a way to do a double background check,” Green said.

The manager at Jim’s Gun Jobbery & Indoor Range said some customers are coming in under the impression that no permit means no background check, which is not the case.

The manager background checks are still required by stores. They must call the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a National Instant Criminal Background Check System on gun purchasers.

However, the manager declined to go on camera. He said it’s because even he’s getting conflicting information from law enforcement agencies about this new law.