Fayetteville’s Cross Creek Mall expands teen curfew after Christmas


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Starting the day after Christmas, anyone under 18 who walks into Fayetteville’s Cross Creek Mall after 3 p.m. will have to be with an adult or will be forced to leave.

That’s according to the mall policy that officials say was put in place because of a rising number of incidents nationwide.

A mall fight between teenagers that police say sparked mass chaos and a panic throughout the area is part of the reason police say you’ll still see extra officers on top of mall security a year later.

“We’ve got enough officers to be at the mall to handle any situation,” said Fayetteville Police Officer Shawn Strepay.

Strepay is one of those officers helping to patrol the mall.

“A lot of people are worried about even terrorism, you’ve got a lot of people in a concentrated area, so the mall they recognize those issues and they work with us to prevent all that stuff,” said Strepay.

But mall management is taking it two steps further.

First, the curfew is moving from 6 p.m. to 3 p.m. for anyone under 18.

Second, the curfew is extending from just on the weekend to the entire week after Christmas.

Mall management says minors in the mall past the curfew hours will have to be with a parent or guardian over 21.

If not, police say they’ll have to leave or face consequences.

“If they ask somebody to leave and if somebody is refusing to do that, it would be considered trespassing,” said Strepay.

Mall officials call it crowd control.

In a statement, they say the policy is in place because of the rising number of incidents nationwide on the day after Christmas.

It goes on to say it’s one of the many tools general managers have to manage the crowd.

“Sometimes that could lead to people getting upset easily and tempers flare rather quickly especially around the holidays,” said Strepay.

Officials say mall workers under 18 are exempt from the mall curfew rule so they can still go to work, but may be asked to show ID while the curfew are in effect.

Officials say the extended curfew hours will only through next week, then it’ll be back to normal curfew hours on the weekends after 6.

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