Florida man overpays Internet bill by $15,000; hasn’t gotten money back

Man Overpays Internet Bill by $15K

Ruskin, Florida resident Jim Hohler’s heart dropped when he realized he had mistakenly paid Frontier Communications $15,000 for his Internet bill.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Hohler said.

Hohler uses online bill pay and thinks he left out a decimal point in his two payments. That turned $69.99 into $6,999 and $79.99 into $7,999.

He thought fixing the problem would be easy.

Hohler said when he called Frontier, he was told he could get the money back. But after nearly three weeks and no check, he knew he needed to call WFLA for help.

“That’s a lot of money,” Hohler said. “They said they would refund it in seven to ten days, more than ten days went by and there was still no refund, so I called and that’s kind of when problems started.”

Hohler was told the refund plan first outlined by customer service had fallen apart.

“We sent a check for a refund on the first part but we issued it incorrectly,’  a representative said, according to Hohler. “‘That’s never coming. The wire for the second part never got attention at all, so that’s not coming.'”

He waited on hold minutes 45 minutes, then another 45 minutes and was bounced from one department to the other.

“I said, ‘Both departments are aware of the problem. One of you guys needs to fix it. If you can’t, I’m not holding to go to another department. If you can’t fix it, I’m calling News Channel 8.’ She said, ‘You do what you have to do,’ and hung up. So I called News Channel 8 and here you are.”

We called Frontier on Hohler’s behalf and was told the issue would be “escalated” to the right department to look into a quick refund. 

Meanwhile, Hohler says he learned a lesson about online bill pay.

“I go into my bank account under bill pay and I’ll put the number in, and I’ll hit submit and they want me to confirm,” he said. “That ‘confirm’ is there for a reason.” 

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