HOUSTON (WNCT) –  Justin Hardy had truly never seen anything like Monday night’s Super Bowl Opening Night, which is the formal name for media day at the big game.

Hardy fielded questions from a small group of reporters about his start in Vanceboro and playing at East Carolina.

“It’s great,” said Hardy. “Just the chance to be out here for my second year in the league, getting a chance to be in the Super Bowl, it’s unbelievable.”

Hardy was quick to thank those that helped pave the way for his first ever Super Bowl appearance.

“Man, growing up, every day I just wanted to be in this situation and now I’m here,” Hardy said. “It’s great, the support that I had growing up and playing at ECU to this point now it’s unbelievable and I appreciate it. It put me in the perfect position to make plays and do what I do. It’s great, a small town, not being used to the city like that and to come to Atlanta and on a great team like we are, it’s unbelievable.”

Hardy and the Falcons are a 3-point underdog in Super Bowl LI.