GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s safe to say, Sam Jones, owner of the eponymous Sam Jones BBQ, knows what he’s talking about when it comes to barbecue.

“To some extent, this smell, this aroma we’re standing in right now, is about all I’ve ever known,” said Sam Jones of eponymous Sam Jones BBQ.

With Memorial Day coming up, 9OYS talked to some of the best pitt-masters in town for a taste of the barbecue wisdom.

“There’s a difference in grilling food and cooking barbecue,” said Jones. “It’s two completely separate things. Cooking barbecue takes time.”

For great barbecue, Jones says there are three simple steps.

Take your time, use coal, and invest in the good stuff.

While pork is principal and, if the lines are any indication, B’s is arguably one of the best in town, their chicken has a reputation of its own

“It’s a family thing,” said Arthur House, with B’s Barbecue.

So how do you make chicken like B’s?

“It’s a secret,” House says, though he was willing to share some of that classified information.

House’s advice is to season after you cook it, use charcoal and test to make sure it’s done

“I know when mine is done, is I can turn the leg,” House said.

However you choose to grill out this weekend, make sure you enjoy yourself.