Gov. Cooper issues a state of declaration for town of Windsor


WINDSOR, N.C. (WNCT) –  The town of Windsor is getting some much needed help this week.

Governor Roy Cooper issued a state of declaration to help remove debris, provide emergency protective services and repair local roads.

The state declaration means state funds will help pay the city of Windsor for 75 percent of the cost of those emergency protective measures. Estimates indicate the city spent nearly $89,000 to respond to the storm, clear debris and repair roads and bridges.

Even with the help, many residents have seen their fair share of flooding including the former mayor of the town, Bob Spivey.

It’s been an unbelievable impact, we’ve been flooded four times here.”

With each flood, Spivey says its always difficult to pick up the pieces.

“Three inches isn’t as bad, but you have to do the same thing over and over again,” said Spivey. “You have to tear all the carpets and sub floors, and you have to take the wallboard down.”

Despite the obstacles, Spivey and other residents have faced, they still want to remain where they are.

Including Windsor resident Milton Tadlock who doesn’t have the option to move.

“I’m an old man, if I was 35 years old, I probably wound not stay here,” said Tadlock. “I can’t go in debt or spend my retirement to fix the house.”

Both residents and businesses feel the same way.

I spoke with sevarl businesses and they tell me they want the money to go to revitalizing the town to keep more people inside the city.

At this time, businesses and residents are not sure if they will receive any money or how the money will be spent.

“Most of the businesses, are out of business,” said Tadlock. “It’s just been a downer for everything in this town. We’ve lost just about everything good that we had.”

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