Greenville City Council leaders approve revisions to outdoor dining policy


On Monday night, Greenville City Council leaders approved a new revision to improve the uptown dining experience for visitors. 

It’s all in an effort to attract more businesses to the area. 

The city council unanimously approved a motion to adopt revisions to the current outside area ordinance. 

Prior to the approval, dozens of factors hindered uptown from bringing new merchants to the area. 

One of which is an application fee for a permit to allow for outdoor eating and drinking. 

The city has full control on restrictions and regulations that they deem appropriate for businesses. 

But, tonight the fee was waived. 

Major P.J. Connely says the fee is a roadblock for potential businesses. 

“We want to increase the outdoor dining options, I feel like this is a small barrier,” said Mayor Connely. “

“We want everybody to have the opportunity to be able to provide a remarkable dining experience.” 

It’s not just the application fee being waived. 

 Emanuel McGirt is the city attorney for Greenville. 

“In the new provision there will be no food or alcohol consumption and or possession of food or alcohol after 1:00 A.M.,” said McGirt. 

The new revision also allows for expansion for prospective businesses near Dickinson Avenue. 

Back in 2013, outdoor dining became an option.

In the past, local businesses have struggled to secure a permit for tables and chairs.

In order for restaurants to provide outdoor options, the City loosens restrictions on sidewalks for spaces with tables.

Another point to mention is that businesses have to apply for an outdoor eating permit.

The problem is, most businesses have little space for an outdoor area for eating.

In order for any change to happen, the council has to vote on a new ordinance.

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